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Residential Environmental Options

Green-e Energy Certified RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) provided by mc² represent the attributes of energy produced by renewable sources, like wind power, but do not include energy. These certificates are paired with your electricity supply purchase to match 100% of your electricity usage to create a renewable energy resources program for you. See how you can reduce your carbon footprint with the mc² Green Option Pricing Plan.

Household using
12,000 kWh
per year

mc2 Green Option Pricing Plan
Estimated Carbon Avoided*
14,705 pounds of CO2 avoided
Equivalent to:
Removing 1.4 cars from the road for a year
MC2 Green OptionsMC2 Green Options
Equivalent to:
Removing 1 household of electric usage for a year
MC2 Green Options 

*These calculations and assumptions are based on the EPA greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator found at:

The 100% Green Option price plan will include:

  • A fixed price per kWh beginning on your first meter read date after successful enrollment for the term selected
  • Green-e Energy Certified RECs to cover 100% of your electricity requirements
  • Help support clean, sustainable and renewable energy