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Get the facts

about home electricity supply
in Illinois.

Why switch from ComEd?

  • Get a customized supply price based on your home's historical electric usage.
  • No signup fees.
  • No early termination fees.
  • No change to your electricity billing process (You still receive only one monthly bill from ComEd).

Get the Facts

Deregulation has opened up the Illinois market.

  • You can choose who provides the supply portion of your electricity service.
  • ComEd continues to deliver electricity to all customers.
  • ComEd continues to be responsible for the wires, poles, and all emergencies,
    including outage restoration, regardless of your supplier choice.
  • Your bill will still come from ComEd and the mc2 electricity supply charges are
    included on the ComEd bill.
  • ComEd must treat all customers equally, regardless of their choice of service provider.

Take Control

  • Research your options
    – mc2 offers a fixed price for 12 months or as designated for special pricing.
    – mc2 has no early termination fees – you can choose to return to ComEd at any time.
    – mc2 offers a Green Option Pricing Plan.
  • choose your supplier – mc2 is a Chicago based company, certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission and ComEd, serving thousands of customers in Illinois.
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