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Case Studies: Manufacturing

creative werks, llc
Bensenville, Illinois

Manufacturing / Food Packaging

mc² Fixed Rate / 100% Green Power Option


creative werks, a manufacturer and co-packer of innovative packaging solutions for global food brands, is committed to minimizing its global environmental footprint and supporting renewable energy sources. For several years, the company obtained their power from one supplier and purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for 100% wind power from another. As the company prepared to double its footprint and open a second production facility, management wanted to continue to source their electricity supply from wind, but needed to evaluate their suppliers to make the best financial decision. Could they find a single supplier that could meet their 100%-wind demand while providing cost-effective power for 250,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space?

mc² Solution:

After researching several energy suppliers, creative werks made the switch to the 100% Green Power Option with mc². mc² developed a 100% renewable energy resource program through wind-powered RECs for their new facility. The mc² program allowed creative werks to maintain its commitment to sustainability and provided a long-term, cost-effective solution to their power needs. Best of all, the 100% Green Power Option is available at a fixed rate, which simplifies budgeting and planning for this growing business.

“I first learned about mc² when I received a marketing brochure to switch my electricity provider for my home. I made the switch based on mc²’s ability to lower my monthly electricity bill. When creative werks opened its new facility, I asked mc² if they could provide electricity at a competitive price that was also generated from renewable sources. mc² provided a solution that sources our electricity from wind sources and that is also less expensive than the incumbent provider. The transition was seamless, the customer service is outstanding, and our fixed-rate, green option from mc² supports our corporate commitment to sustainability.”

Matt Kelley, Chief Financial Officer for creative werks

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