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Business FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How is mc2 different from ComEd?
MC Squared (mc2) serves as a licensed retail electricity supplier, selling electric power to commercial, industrial and residential customers. mc2 causes bulk power to be delivered to the ComEd system. ComEd, in turn, delivers that power and thus, serves as a local distributor in charge of the physical delivery of power to your local business. In the unlikely event that mc2 were to fail to deliver power, ComEd would not interrupt the supply of power to your meter. ComEd retains all control and responsibility for the distribution wires, substations, poles, and meters, in addition to being responsible for all service issues, such as outages. Business customers should contact ComEd at 1-877-426-6331 for assistance with meter, outage, voltage or other delivery related concerns.
How do I benefit from switching to mc2?

mc2 allows you to take control of your energy costs and choose the type of power pricing plan and strategy that meets your specific business goals for limiting risk in your electricity supply purchases.

Do I get guaranteed savings with mc2?
Not necessarily. mc2 can provide you with a fixed rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) product that will set or, "lock in", the price per kWh that you pay for electricity supply over a specific period of time. Your actual usage pattern and changes in the market will ultimately determine your electricity costs on a monthly basis. For example, if you lock in a fixed rate that reflects a then current market pricing, and the market price later decreases from that level, you will not be saving when comparing to the decreased market price to the locked-in rate. In contrast, if market prices increase from the level reflected in your locked-in rate, you will likely be paying less than you would have paid absent the lock-in price from mc2. mc2 offers products to mitigate the risk of the locked-in, fixed-rate product for those customers who wish to retain some ability to take advantage of favorable power market conditions that may exist from time to time. See our mc2 Choice product for more details.
Does mc2 have access to "Green Energy" electricity supply?
Yes. The mc2 Green Option Pricing Plan provides businesses with the opportunity to support clean energy resources, such as solar and wind. When you enroll in the 100% Green Option, mc2 purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to cover 100% of your electricity supply requirements.
Will I get different service from ComEd if I switch to another supplier?
No. ComEd treats all customers equally, regardless of their supplier selection. ComEd continues to maintain and operate the distribution system to all customers. There is no change in the delivery process for distribution of the power to your facilities.
How do I get a quote from mc2?
Call 877-mc2-POWR (877-622-7697) or send us an email at
What information do I need to provide to get a price quote from mc2?
All we need is a copy of your ComEd bill to get the process started.
How long does it take to get a price for electricity supply?
The process can be accomplished in less than 24 hours.
Do I need to do anything with ComEd if I decide to switch to mc2?
No. Once you authorize the switch, mc2 will inform ComEd of your choice. In addition, you will receive a confirmation letter from ComEd notifying you of the switch date.
When will my new service with mc2 begin?
The switch date coincides with a regularly scheduled ComEd meter read cycle date, and will be indentified in the service agreement between you and mc2.
How will I be billed?
MC Squared has multiple billing options available to fit your business needs. Depending on your preference and electricity usage—single bill, dual bill and utility consolidated bill options are available.
Will I still get a distribution charge from ComEd?
Yes. You will continue to be charged for ComEd distribution-related fees and charges, as well as applicable state and municipal taxes. These charges and fees are the same regardless of your electricity supply selection.
What if I have a power delivery problem, such as an outage? Who do I call?
ComEd maintains responsibility for delivery of power to your facility including issues related to outages. You should contact ComEd directly at 1-877-426-6331 for delivery issues. However, if you have an issue or question related to your monthly mc2 supply invoice, please call us at (888) 232-6332 for assistance.
What happens if I have to cancel service with mc2 before the end of the agreement term?
mc2 allows customers to cancel service prior to the end of the agreement term. The early termination process is clearly defined in the electricity supply agreement between you and mc2. You may be subject to an early termination charge, depending on the product you purchased from mc2.
What will my mc2 bill look like?
Sample MC Squared Energy Services Bill.

What Charges in the ComEd bill will mc2 replace?
Detail of what is replaced on ComEd Bill