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Case Studies: Business

Elijah’s Specialty Coffee & Tea
Elmhurst, Illinois

Small Business / Retail / Food Services

mc2 Fixed Rate/Green Power Solution


Elijah’s, a popular coffee and tea shop in Elmhurst, Illinois, had experienced several months of electricity invoices that were above their expected costs. Elijah’s wanted to avoid future surprises by taking control of their electricity costs now. In addition, Elijah’s has a commitment to supporting “renewable and green” solutions for a cleaner future. To that end, Elijah’s wanted to control their electricity supply costs and buy green power as a business objective.

mc2 Solution:

After meeting with the owners of Elijah’s to discuss their desired objectives, mc2 developed a program to stabilize the electricity rates through competitive supply. mc2 also included a Midwest wind energy supply component in its energy pricing. Through the use of the mc2’s wind-powered Fixed Rate product approach, Elijah’s was able to accurately forecast their electricity supply costs for a known period of time and meet their green initiative.

“I am very pleased to call mc2 a valued supplier for our coffee shop. The predictability of our electricity supply costs helps with budgeting and keeps our costs under control. Our customers also appreciate our commitment to renewable electricity supplies through the green supply program.”

Laura Giese, President of Elijah’s Specialty Coffee & Tea

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